Welcome to Rask.com - the home on the web for Thomas ("Tom") Rask, B.Sc. Materials Science, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering.

I've chosen to limit my professional activities to:

  • Logical Sites, Inc. ("LSI") - owner of this highly successful internet publishing company. LSI and its predecessor company (Rask, Inc.) have existed since 1996.
  • Private capital placement. - using my own money, I have provided over a million dollars in funds to carefully selected and innovative companies in Silicon Valley, Florida, Scottsdale, AZ, Washington, D.C., Portland, OR and elsewhere. I am particularly proud that I used my own money and not OPM (Other People's Money).
  • Expert counseling on UDRP issues - having won the heathrow.com and scania.mobi UDRP cases (the latter against a complainant with 150+ trademarks in 100+ countries), I can productively assist others with their UDRP cases.
  • Business advisory services - one thing I enjoy is taking an organization and making it more efficient, cutting costs and streamlining processes. I can take a money-losing business and make it profitable (that is, if it can be made profitable at all).
  • My resume can be found here.

    In the personal arena, I'm somewhat of a government accountability advocate. Tourism promotion in the State of Florida is one thing I know about through my work. I'm on record in 2011 in Tallhassee calling out the tremendous waste, corruption and abuse in this area before it became popular to do so in 2016. The waste continues to this day. I am committed to holding elected and appointed officials accountable.

My e-mail address is tom [at] rask.com.
I write it this way to thwart spammers.